West London Removals

Lukasz Zlobinski, Managing Director

The brief

I wanted to take my removals company to the next level, and it was suggested I engage the services of a marketing professional & copywriter. I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted, other than to increase bookings and present my company as a trustworthy and diligent enterprise.

The action

Lukasz was a real pleasure to work with. To start, I wrote the entire site in a quirky, yet engaging style. One that talked directly to the reader, whilst being sure to keep the search engines happy. I then put him onto a very affordable digital marketer who re-designed the site and acquired a better URL.

The result

If someone had told me hiring Jim would pay off so big, I wouldn’t have believed them. I still get amazing comments on the style of copy for the site, and I’ve managed to maintain a No.1 Google ranking for a long time now. Thanks Jim, you’ve been invaluable.

Orders up 50%.

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