Simon Morrison, Design Manager

The brief

I was overseeing the design phase of the Tesco ‘One voice’ campaign. It was a part of a strategy designed to engage more with our customers, both in-store and out.

The messaging was an essential part of ensuring that our customers would place more trust in the Tesco brand. We approached Jim to come up with a series of in-store messages. We wanted quirky, but informative.

The action

I wrote hundreds of banner messages for in-store sections ranging from World Foods to Boxed Wines.

I drew inspiration from anything that consumers would already be familiar with – be it a song or phrase, in order to align the product with their needs and garner their interest.

The result

Jim wrote some amazing messaging along with consistently providing additional advice on what motivates customers to buy. His input was invaluable and instrumental in rolling out a successful campaign.

Increased in-store consumer engagement.

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